Kaju Delight (400 grams)


Embrace the symphony of flavors in every handful of Kaju Delight, where every ingredient
harmonizes to create a truly memorable snacking experience. The crispy Corn Chips elevate
the texture, lending a playful and enjoyable crunch. The blend is skillfully seasoned with a
combination of Salt, Chilli, and Spices, enhancing the taste profile with a tantalizing kick

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Experience the treasure of joy crafted by our very own “Kaju Delight.” This exquisite blend
has been created to touch the heart of Indian namkeen lovers. Just like the sweetness of
Gram Pulses, the delightful taste of Gram Flour, the freshness of Green Moong, the crunch
of Kaju, and the flavour of Kismis, this mouthwatering mixture captures the essence of true
Indian snacking.
Indulge in the rich flavours of Kaju Delight as it takes you on a flavorful journey. Each bite is
a symphony of ingredients, perfectly balanced to tantalise your taste buds. The crispy Corn
Chips add an extra crunch, while the zesty combination of Salt, Chilli, and Spices invigorates
your senses. All of this is brought together with the utmost care, using premium Edible Oil
and vibrant Food Colors

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