Mewa Mix (400 grams)


Savor the authentic flavors of Dal Bedam, lovingly prepared with premium-quality
ingredients. The carefully selected Gram Pulses are cooked to a crispy perfection, while the
Peanuts bring a delightful texture and a nutty flavor to the mix. The zingy combination of
Chilli Spices elevates the taste profile, infusing the snack with a burst of bold flavors

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Experience a burst of flavors with Chittaranjan’s Mewa Mix! Our delectable blend is crafted
with utmost care, combining the finest ingredients to create a namkeen sensation. Each bite
offers a delightful mix of Gram Dal, Gram Flour Masor, Green Moong, Flakes, Potato Stick,
Peanuts, Makhana, Kismis, Cashew, Chillies, Spices, lodised Salt, Edible oil, and Permitted
Food Colour. With a perfect balance of taste and quality, this savory snack is sure to
tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Indulge in the authentic flavors of
India with Chittaranjan’s Mewa Mix.

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