Mast Aachari (450grams)


Mast Achari is the perfect companion for your snacking moments. Whether you’re hosting a
party, enjoying a picnic, or simply treating yourself to a flavorful snack, Mast Achari will
delight your taste buds and add a touch of tanginess to your day

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Experience the zingy and tangy flavors of our delightful “Mast Achari” namkeen. Inspired by
the vibrant and savory taste of Indian pickles, this mouthwatering blend is meticulously
crafted using a fusion of premium ingredients. Mast Achari features the perfect combination
of Gram Pulses, Gram Flour, Masoor, Peanuts, Chili Spices, a touch of Salt, high-quality
Edible Oil, and vibrant Permitted Food Colors.
Mast Achari captures the essence of traditional Indian pickles, infusing each bite with a burst
of tanginess and aromatic spices. The harmonious blend of Gram Pulses and Gram Flour
creates a robust base, while the rich and flavorful Masoor adds depth to the mix. The
crunchy Peanuts bring a delightful texture, complementing the spicy and tangy notes of Chili

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