Salted Moong Dal (400 grams)


Our Salted Moong Dal is prepared with high-quality Edible Oil, ensuring a crispy texture and
a delightful snacking experience. We take pride in using premium ingredients and
maintaining the utmost standards of quality, so you can enjoy this classic namkeen with
complete satisfaction

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Savor the simplicity and irresistible crunch of our classic “Salted Moong Dal” namkeen.
Made with utmost care and precision, this timeless snack combines the goodness of Gram
Pulses, a sprinkling of iodised Salt, and high-quality Edible Oil to create a snack that is both
wholesome and satisfying.
Salted Moong Dal is a beloved traditional snack that has stood the test of time. Each crispy
and golden bite of this namkeen encapsulates the essence of simplicity and purity. The
earthy flavors of Gram Pulses, combined with the subtle seasoning of iodised Salt, create a
snack that is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

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