Chatpata (450 grams)


Enhanced with a tantalizing blend of zesty Chilli Spices, this Chatpata namkeen packs a
fiery kick that will leave you craving for more. The carefully balanced combination of spices
brings out the essence of Indian street food, creating a truly chatpata experience that will
transport you to the bustling streets of India.


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Get ready for a burst of irresistible flavors with our tantalizing “Chatpata” namkeen. This
delightful mix brings together a symphony of ingredients carefully curated to ignite your taste
buds and leave you craving for more. Made with love, this authentic Indian snack combines
the goodness of Gram Pulses, Gram Flour, Masoor, Green Moong, Cornchips, Peanuts,
zesty Chilli Spices, a pinch of Salt, and the finest Edible Oil.
Each handful of Chatpata is a whirlwind of textures and tastes. The earthiness of Gram
Pulses and the delectable crunch of Gram Flour create a perfect harmony, while the
delightful Masoor and Green Moong lend their unique flavors to the blend. The crispy
Cornchips and roasted Peanuts add an irresistible texture, making each bite a moment of
pure snacking pleasure.

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