Karara Dalmoth (450 grams)


Karara Dalmoth is a snack that packs a punch with its crispy texture and bold flavors. The
combination of Gram Pulses and Gram Flour creates a crunchy base that is both satisfying
and delicious. The addition of wholesome Peanuts adds a delightful nuttiness, elevating the
snacking experience to new heights

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Get ready for a crunch-filled snacking experience with our irresistible “Karara Dalmoth”
namkeen. Crafted with a blend of premium ingredients, including Gram Pulses, Gram Flour,
crunchy Peanuts, zesty Chilli, aromatic Spices, a pinch of Salt, and high-quality Edible Oil,
this savory treat is sure to leave you wanting more.
Prepare to be greeted by a burst of flavor as you bite into Karara Dalmoth. The zesty Chilli
and aromatic Spices create a perfect balance of heat and savory notes, making each bite a
tantalizing experience for your taste buds. The pinch of Salt enhances the flavors and brings
everything together in harmony

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